Motor Vehicle Accident Personal Injury: Why Police Reports Aren’t Enough

One of the least understood concepts in motor vehicle accident personal injury claims is the role of police reports. Many are surprised to find out they cannot be used to solely prove a case against another motorist. When a South Florida motor vehicle accident results in injury, the police are called and an accident report is filed. The injured party might assume they can rely on the police report to prove their case in court. However, this isn’t always the case under Florida law.

In some scenarios, the insurer for the at-fault party may accept liability based on the police report. However, many insurance companies fight every claim, even if the investigating officer determines their insured motorist is at fault. This reluctance to accept liability can complicate matters for injury victims seeking compensation.

What is Accident Report Privilege?

When the negligent party or their insurer denies liability, you might encounter the accident report privilege. In Florida, any motorist involved in an accident causing injury or property damage must stop at the scene and wait for the police. The officer will document details, including statements from parties and witnesses, to establish liability and aid insurance claims. The parties involved can share the completed report with their respective insurers to determine which insurance should pay for the damage and injuries.

Other Uses for Accident Reports in Personal Injury Cases

Despite its potential usefulness, the accident report cannot always be presented as evidence in court due to the accident report privilege. This rule restricts its use unless specific conditions are met, such as if someone leaves the scene or makes a spontaneous incriminating statement to the police. However, even if the report cannot be used in court, it can still serve as valuable evidence for building your case. The eyewitness information and accident details can help our experienced team get you the compensation you deserve.

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