Slip and Fall Incidents: Using Corporate Policies in South Florida

Slip and fall injuries occur much more frequently than people realize. The body twists or jerks into unnatural positions, resulting in serious injury. In the process, it tears muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues in the process. The injuries from slip and fall incidents can result in substantial medical expenses and other damages like lost income or pain and suffering.

Slip and fall incidents are also unique, as they are more predictable than other types of personal injury incidents. They are more common in certain types of businesses such as grocery stores or restaurants, where spills happen frequently. These types of businesses usually have policies in place in an attempt to prevent incidents from occurring. Failure to follow these policies can be used against a business when the failure results in an injury.

Corporate Policies to Prevent Slip and Fall Incidents

Businesses, particularly those with previous slip and fall lawsuits, may implement corporate policies to prevent such incidents. These policies include incident reporting, constant video surveillance, and routine inspections. Let’s look at a restaurant with multiple prior lawsuits from patrons injured by slipping on a spilled drink. The restaurant may have a policy requiring a specific employee to inspect the floor every hour, and record details and results of each inspection. Or they may have a policy requiring that the first employee to notice a spill, cleans it up immediately. If a slip and fall incident occurs anyhow, the restaurant will point to the appropriate policies and procedures in place to keep such incidents from happening.

Using a Company’s Policies Against It

Failure to follow corporate policy can backfire on a company. Let’s look back at the restaurant. If their policy states spills are supposed to be cleaned up within 5 minutes, and the inspection report shows it took twice as long, they can face significant consequences. Corporate policies, when disregarded, can harm the business more than help, especially if injuries occur due to negligence.

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