Building Code Violations in Florida Slip and Fall Cases

Building code violations are common issues that often lead to injuries in Florida slip and fall cases. For example, let’s say you miss a step and fall down a staircase at an apartment building while visiting a friend. Your attorney will begin the investigation of your case by having an expert inspect that staircase. This inspection includes measuring each stair, paying particular attention to the one you fell on. Subsequently, the next step is comparing those measurements to the requirements under the Florida Building Code (FBC). Often, such inspections reveal that the property owner or contractor responsible for maintenance did not comply with the FBC, directly causing your injury.

The Florida Building Code and Other Building Codes

Construction and renovation contractors must follow a comprehensive set of guidelines called The Florida Building Code. It covers all types of buildings, from residential to commercial, and includes specifications for everything from stairways and handrails to HVAC systems. Additionally, local or county building codes may apply. These are often more stringent than the FBC. Failure to comply with these codes can be evidence of negligence in a personal injury case if it leads to an injury.

The Effect of a Building Code Violation in a Personal Injury Case

Noncompliance with the FBC or a local building code can be a powerful tool in a personal injury case. To use this evidence effectively, you must link the code violation directly to your injury. For instance, if an expert finds multiple stairs in violation of the FBC, but the step you tripped on complies, the noncompliance may have less impact on a jury. Therefore, the defense will argue that the code violation is irrelevant if it does not directly tie to your injury.

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