Florida’s Dangerous Roads Challenge Drivers Across the State

Florida’s Dangerous Roads

Several recent studies have found the Florida to be one of the most dangerous places in the country to drive. This comes at no surprise to many Floridians. A study from Forbes Advisor measured the 50 most-populated cities in the U.S. Forbes compared car crash data for each city. They were able to determine which cities have the worst drivers and are the most dangerous to drive in. Albuquerque, New Mexico ranked as the country’s most dangerous city. Tampa ranked as the 10th most dangerous. Jacksonville ranked 14th, with Miami ranking 26th most dangerous cities. These results show the impact Florida’s dangerous roads have on the number of accidents in Florida’s major cities.

The U.S.’ Most Dangerous Stretch of Highway

A separate study by Assurance IQ measured the number of fatalities per 100 miles of roadway. This study determined that Florida had the second most dangerous roads in the country. Assurance IQ crunched National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data to determine the most and least safe interstates across the country according to the number of fatal accidents. Florida also had the most dangerous stretch of highway in the country: I-4 in Central Florida running 132 miles between Daytona Beach and Tampa. The crash data that Assurance IQ looked at showed that I-4 had an average of 34 crashes per 100 miles of highway. The interstate runs straight through the heart of Orlando. This location is a major contributing factor to I-4’s dangerous ranking.

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