Move Over, Miami Heat: Understanding Florida’s New Law

Miami Heat player Highwood Highsmith faced a citation for careless driving after a recent nighttime motor vehicle accident. This post-game incident left a Good Samaritan severely injured. Reports indicate that Highsmith collided with a disabled car while driving 45 mph, five mph above the posted speed limit. A man who had stopped to assist the owner of the disabled car was directly behind it when Highsmith’s car struck it. On impact, the disabled car traveled 50 to 60 yards, pinning the Good Samaritan between Highsmith’s car and the broken-down vehicle. As a result, the Good Samaritan suffered a partial leg amputation and a fractured arm. Police cited Highsmith for careless driving, highlighting the importance of Florida’s new move over law.

Florida’s New Move Over Law

Effective January 1st of this year, a new law in Florida mandates motorists to move over for disabled vehicles displaying hazards, emergency lights, or emergency signage. This law aims to prevent accidents like the one involving Highsmith. In 2023, there were 176 accidents in Florida where the driver failed to move over a lane. Nine of these accidents involved serious injuries, prompting the Move Over Law. Failure to comply results in a $158 fine for a moving violation.

In this case, while Highsmith may argue that the disabled vehicle’s owner did not move their car over, he cannot evade responsibility under Florida’s new Move Over Law. He should have changed lanes to avoid the collision, as required by the law enacted this year.

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