Hit and Run Accident Involving Florida Police Chief

It’s a phenomenon familiar to virtually anyone who has been in an accident in Florida, given the sky-high hit and run accident rate in the Sunshine State. You pull over after an accident, only for the other driver to flee the scene. Or you return to your parked car to find it damaged, but the culprit is nowhere to be found. You don’t expect for the fleeing driver to be a police officer, much less the chief!

This is precisely what happened in a recent incident in Lynn Haven, in Florida’s Panhandle. The Lynn Haven Police Chief, Ricky Ramie, made headlines for leaving the scene after hitting and damaging another vehicle in a bar parking lot in late December 2023. According to a news report, Ramie hit a parked car in the parking lot of a popular bar. He got out of his truck, checked the car he hit for damage, then returned to his truck, leaving the parking lot. The car owner reported the incident to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), which reviewed the bar’s security footage. The video showed the police chief’s truck attempting to leave the parking lot, sideswiping a car and damaging its front and headlight in the process. Ramie exited his truck, walked over to the vehicle he hit and looked around, then drove out of the parking lot.

FHP troopers identified Ramie as the truck’s owner, but were unable to establish contact with him until the following day. He claimed he was suffering from a medical condition at the time. He said he checked the car, confirmed it was empty, and planned on leaving his contact information.

Florida Law Regarding Accidents in Parking Lots

Florida Law holds motorists responsible for accidents in parking lots, just like any other motor vehicle accident. If you cause more than $500 worth of damage in an accident, you must contact the police. Leaving the scene is a second-degree misdemeanor, punishable by a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail.

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