Construction Accident Tragedy: Another Deadly Crane Collapse

A tragic construction accident recently occurred in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, resulting in the death of a construction worker. A portion of a crane platform broke off, and fell to the ground, along with the construction worker. The debris and the worker plunged onto the SE 3rd Avenue bridge below, killing the worker and hitting two cars and sending two people to the hospital. According to a news report, this was the fourth crane collapse death in South Florida since 2018.

According to Fort Lauderdale’s Fire Rescue Chief, the actual crane itself did not fail. Instead, the platform the crane was resting on partially collapsed, causing the worker to fall to his death. The federal Occupational Safety Hazard Administration is currently investigating the incident.

The two people injured when the debris fell on the bridge will be able to seek damages for the injuries and other damages they suffered. Personal injury claims can be against any and all companies/people involved in the manufacture and use of the crane. This also applies to the crane platform, as it appears to be the cause of the fall. The deceased worker’s family faces challenges to seeking damages through a personal injury claim. Florida’s workers’ compensation system severely limits the compensation. However, there are other ways to seek and obtain maximum compensation.

The Shortcomings of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation System

Workers’ compensation limits the amount of damages that can be sought by an injured or deceased worker’s decedents. Economic damages are capped at $150,000, with funeral expenses limited to $7500. This workers’ compensation scheme does not allow for pain and suffering. In a situation like the recent construction accident, the total amount paid to the family is grossly inadequate to compensate for his death.

The Workers’ Compensation Bar and Its Impact

The workers’ compensation bar prohibits injured workers or their families from suing employers in regular courts. While the deceased worker’s family may pursue claims through workers’ compensation, it may not fully compensate them. The maximum amount is nowhere near enough to support his wife and two young children. This would not stop his family or estate from pursuing other claims against parties that may bear some responsibility. They may choose to sue the company that manufactured the platform, for improper design or construction.

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