Major League Baseball Player Sean Rodriguez and his family in dangerous auto accident

A major motor vehicle accident in Miami-Dade County on January 30th involved the strange combination of a stolen police car, a Major League Baseball player and his family, and ended up resulting in a fatality. According to an article on the accident from CBS Miami, Atlanta Braves pitcher Sean Rodriguez was driving with his wife and children in Miami when a motorist in a stolen police car lost control of the car he was driving, sideswiped a nearby Honda Civic and was then struck by the SUV in which Braves pitcher Rodriguez, his wife and two sons were riding. The driver of the stolen police car was killed, while Braves pitcher, Rodriguez, was treated on the scene but it was later determined that he needed shoulder surgery and will be out indefinitely, and his wife and two sons were taken to the hospital for treatment for their injuries. The police car reportedly was stolen while the officer whom it belonged to was investigating a suspicious incident near the scene of the accident.

Florida Law Regarding Motor Vehicle Accidents

In order to recover damages for any injuries you have suffered in a motor vehicle accident in Florida, an injured motorist must seek medical treatment for those injuries within 14 days of the accident. Therefore, it is extremely important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after a motor vehicle accident if you have been injured. It is also important that you contact an experienced automobile accident attorney after you have been injured in an accident. Not only does this ensure that your claim will be resolved quickly, but Florida has a four-year statute of limitations within which any lawsuits related to a motor vehicle accident must be filed. This means that any lawsuit seeking recovery for injuries and damages suffered in a motor vehicle accident must be filed within four years of the accident occurring or else the victim may be precluded from ever bringing a lawsuit if they miss this deadline. In addition, a victim of a motor vehicle accident caused by someone else is entitled to recover damages for their pain and suffering (past and future), lost income (past and future), medical bills and any other expenses and financial losses the victim suffers as a result of an accident.

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