Royal Palm Beach Bus Stop Where Four Area High School Students Were Killed or Injured Is Moved

A bus stop in Royal Palm Beach where two Royal Palm Beach high school students recently died from their injuries suffered when a motorist lost control of his vehicle and hit a crowd of students waiting for the bus, from which two other students remain hospitalized for their injuries, has recently been relocated by the school district. The tragic incident in which they were initially injured occurred shortly before 7:00 a.m. on March 22nd, when a man driving an Alfa Romeo SUV lost control of his vehicle, swerved onto the sidewalk and plowed into a group of the high schoolers waiting for the bus. The driver sustained minor injuries but refused medical attention at the scene, but multiple students that were among the group waiting for the bus were hospitalized for their injuries, including the two that have since died and the two that are still hospitalized. 

Some area residents had been calling for changes to be made to the location of the bus stop even before this accident took place. Although there had been no fatal accidents at the location between February 2021 and March 2022, there have been eight traffic accidents along the stretch of road during that period. Some area residents have said the lighting along the roadway is inadequate, while others have said that the speed limit (40 mph) is too high. The county is currently in the process of conducting a safety review of the roadway, while PBSO is in the process of finalizing its investigation of the accident and what charges it plans to bring against the driver.

Who Is At Fault in This Horrific Bus Stop Accident?

Obviously, the driver that caused the accident when he lost control of his vehicle and went up onto the sidewalk bears the lion’s share of fault for this tragic incident. Nevertheless, the fact that the school district made the decision to move the bus stop also may indicate this was not the safest location for a bus stop in the first place. While the fact that the school district chose to potentially move the bus stop likely would not be something that would be allowed into evidence at a trial as something known as a subsequent remedial measure (i.e. something meant to try to increase safety where an incident previously occurred) if any of the deceased or injured students’ families file suit, the fact that there were eight previous accidents and a number of local residents had complained about its safety at this particular stretch of road does not exactly speak volumes about it being a safe place for a bus stop. The results of the county’s safety review will be particularly interesting in that regarding.

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