Palm Tran Bus Kills Passenger in Greenacres

A Palm Tran bus hit and killed a passenger in Greenacres on a recent early morning. According to a report from WPBF, a man on the bus behaved erratically. The bus driver told authorities the man was acting “out of it.” He repeatedly got off the bus, and then back on again, at multiple stops. The passenger finally exited the bus at a stop at South Military Trail and Melaleuca Lane. He then walked towards the back of the bus, unexpectedly bending over near the rear right tire. The bus, which had already begun to accelerate, could not stop in time and ran the man over. Despite Emergency responders arriving within 2.5 minutes, Palm Beach Fire Rescue pronounced the man dead at the scene. This incident highlights the dangers that large vehicles like the Palm Tran bus pose to both pedestrians and motor vehicles.

The Consequences of Incidents Involving Buses

Accidents involving buses can be particularly devastating. Pedestrian-involved accidents, like the Palm Tran bus incident in Greenacres, can be severe. Accidents with other vehicles can also have serious results. Buses are much larger than almost any other vehicle on the road, excluding semi-trucks. They can cause serious damage to regular automobiles. Buses also cannot stop on a dime, due to their size and weight. This issue becomes especially critical with pedestrian involvement.

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