Paragliding Adventure Turns Fatal in Charlotte County

A paragliding adventure ended tragically as a 60-year-old man died in a paragliding accident in rural Charlotte County. According to a report, the man was paragliding with another individual who remained uninjured and promptly called 911 after the incident. The man’s cause of death has not been determined, although police were on the scene for hours the morning of the accident attempting to untangle him from all the cords that were wrapped everywhere, according to a Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office spokesman. No details have been released regarding the investigation since the day of the accident, so it is unclear what caused this fatal incident.

Experts interviewed by the media advised that paragliding accidents involving death like this are fairly rare if the proper safety precautions are taken. This involves flying with a buddy, as well as ensuring that you have received proper training beforehand. Nevertheless, it is not always guaranteed that you will receive the proper, let alone any, training when engaging in recreational activities like a paragliding adventure and it is unclear whether this recent incident resulted from such a lack of training. With its huge numbers of tourists, Florida has thousands of jobs in the tourism sector for those offering experiences like recreational activities to tourists, but not every recreational activity vendor is created equally. While many are good and deliver fun in a safe manner, the operators offering these activities can sometimes cut corners when it comes to providing the proper training or taking the appropriate safety measures, meaning the participants are the ones that pay the price.   

The Potential Dangers of Recreational Activities in Florida

Florida is a tourist destination for millions of people from around the world every year, many of whom let loose by lying on the beach but also engaging in potentially dangerous recreational activities like paragliding adventure, boating, or spearfishing. Just as it is important to ensure that all the proper safety precautions are taken before engaging in some of these activities, it also is important to select a reputable operator that has a reputation for offering a fun, safe experience. Florida has many recreational activities that may not be safe if performed by someone with little experience or training, particularly if there is little to no oversight by whatever operator is running the activity. Whether it is jet-skiing, horseback riding, or paragliding adventure, safety is always the most important factor. If proper training and oversight are not provided, then the chances for injuries or even death are much higher, which is why it is so important to do your homework and ensure you are using a safe operation with a solid reputation for safety before engaging in recreational activities like paragliding.

Paragliding Adventure in Charlotte County Proves Fatal

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At Schwed, Adams & McGinley, our experienced personal injury attorneys have decades of legal experience representing those injured in a wide variety of scenarios involving personal injuries, including those who have been injured while engaging in recreational activities like paragliding in Florida. Although activities like this can be fun and a huge adrenaline rush, they can and do result in injuries and sometimes even death if the proper training and safeguards are not provided. This is particularly true given some of the not so reputable recreational activity operators in the Sunshine State. If you or one of your loved ones have been injured while performing a recreational activity in Florida, you may be entitled to substantial damages. Therefore if you or a loved one has been injured, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys today at contact@schwedlaw.com or (877) 694-6079 today.