Motorcycle Accidents Pose Unique Dangers

A Doral police officer riding on a motorcycle was recently involved in a collision with a tree after skidding off the road and sustaining head injuries which required him to be airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment.  The officer was a ten-year veteran of the Doral Police Department who was patrolling on his motorcycle when the accident occurred.  He was listed in stable condition with head injuries after the accident and the Doral Police Department later released a report saying that the officer was expected to fully recover from his injuries.  No other vehicles were involved in the accident.  Police are investigating exactly what occurred which may have led to the accident, but preliminary reports indicated that slippery roads caused by rain may have led to the accident.

A later report from Miami’s News 7 indicated the officer was riding along the road on his motorcycle in rainy conditions when he lost control of his motorcycle, skidded on the slick pavement and off the road, and hit a tree before skidding back onto the roadway, where he dropped his motorcycle.  The officer spent approximately two days in the hospital but was released and walked out of the hospital under his own volition.  Although this story had a happy ending in that the officer was not seriously injured, it serves as a reminder of the dangers that can occur to those riding on motorcycles.  The unique nature of riding on a motorcycle can make motorists riding on motorcycles especially vulnerable in the occurrence of a crash, whether it involves a stationary roadside object like a tree or another motor vehicle.

The Unique Nature of Motorcycle Crashes

Among the statements put out from the Doral Police Department following this incident was that driving a motorcycle is generally among the most hazardous of beats that a patrol officer can be on, given they are on a motorcycle 10-12 hour per shift.  Motorcycles are uniquely vulnerable in motor vehicle accidents, given that neither the person driving the bike nor the passengers are in an enclosed space like in a car.  Motorcycle accidents thus can be extremely dangerous.  This is particularly true in a state which does not mandate that motorcyclists wear helmets.  If a rider becomes involved in an accident, it can be catastrophic since motorcyclists have no protection other than a helmet (if they are even wearing a helmet).  Therefore, riders or passengers are often thrown from the bike when a motorcycle is involved in a crash, which can cause the person to hit a nearby object or vehicle.  Motorcycle crashes therefore often involve devastating injuries and higher death rates than normal motor vehicle accidents between two cars.

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Although the recent motorcycle accident involving a Doral police officer had a happy ending in that the officer was not seriously injured, persons riding on motorcycles who are involved in accidents often are not as lucky as this police officer.  Motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles can often result in terrible injuries.  Therefore, if the negligence of another driver caused you to suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident in Florida, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys of Schwed, Adams, & McGinley, P.A.  Our experienced personal injury attorneys have more than 150 years of combined practice representing victims of all sorts of motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycle accidents.  Therefore, if you, a family member or a loved one have been injured in a motor vehicle or motorcycle accident because of another motorist’s actions, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Schwed, Adams & McGinley, P.A today at 877-694-6079 or contact@schwedlawfirm.com for a free consultation.