Motorcycle Accident in South Florida Tragically Claims Former NFL Player Alex Collins

Alex Collins, a former NFL player, tragically lost his life in a recent motorcycle accident in South Florida, in Lauderdale Lakes, located in Broward County. According to police investigators, the incident occurred late on a Sunday night when Collins’ motorcycle collided with the rear passenger side of an SUV. The SUV was making a left turn from West Oakland Park Boulevard onto NW 33rd Avenue. Upon impact, Collins went through the passenger side window, resulting in his immediate fatality. Investigators have not yet released details as to who was determined to be at fault in the collision or whether or not Collins was wearing a helmet.

Collins rose to prominence during his time at South Plantation High School, followed by his tenure with the University of Arkansas. In the 2016 NFL draft, he was selected in the fifth round by the Seattle Seahawks. Following one year with the Seahawks, Collins worked his way up from the practice squad to starting running back for the Baltimore Ravens in 2018.

While a conclusive report from the police investigation is pending, it’s worth noting that Collins would have had the right of way if the SUV was indeed turning left. Regardless of the ultimate determination of fault, this incident underscores the inherent risks of motorcycle riding, especially during nighttime hours.

Higher Fatality Rates for Motorcyclists Compared to Passenger Vehicle Occupants

The recent accident that claimed Alex Collins’s life sheds light on the potentially hazardous nature of motorcycle riding, particularly at night. While it’s unclear whether visibility played a role in this specific incident, motorcycle riding, in general, presents unique risks. In 2021, the most recent year for which statistics are available, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 5,932 motorcyclist fatalities, accounting for 14% of all road fatalities that year. This marked the highest annual count of motorcyclist fatalities since NHTSA began compiling data in 1975. Additionally, the fatality rate for motorcyclists is nearly 24 times higher than that of occupants of passenger vehicles involved in accidents.

Motorcycles inherently lack safety features including airbags and seat belts that are standard in passenger vehicles. Even at low speeds, motorcyclists are at risk of being thrown from their bikes in the event of an accident, rendering them particularly vulnerable.

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The loss of life in accidents is a heart-wrenching reality, occurring all too frequently on Florida’s roads. The passing of individuals like Alex Collins is particularly poignant; he was a local football star in Broward County before achieving the pinnacle of his sport, a dream shared by countless young football enthusiasts.

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