Jared Eastlack: Creating an Optimal & Blessed Life

Most of us strive for a great life but how many people say they have found it? An optimal life includes all aspects of your life and Jared Eastlack seems to have crafted it one step at a time.

For his career, Eastlack determined while in college that being an attorney was the best fit for his skill set in order to help others. We’ve all heard of real estate properties being used for their “highest and best use” but have you also heard of a person striving to find his highest and best use? Eastlack loves writing and public speaking and finds that he thrives in strategic litigation with the law and tailoring specific strategies to specific cases. He has found his optimal career! Having been an attorney for over ten years, Eastlack has focused largely on drug and medical device cases as well as personal injury work. Having joined Schwed, Adams, Sobel & McGinley over a year ago, Jared enjoys using his legal skills to serve others.

Last year, he and his wife welcomed their sixth child into the family. Jared goes from his work calendar to his family’s calendar at the end of the day and he would have it no other way. With the kids all in different activities, Eastlack is working full time after the workday ends so each child also finds his or her purpose and best use at the end of the day. Whether it’s helping to coach youth sports or taking his daughter to a piano competition, Eastlack is always happy to contribute.

In his spare time, Eastlack makes time for nature and hiking. With access to the Great Smokey Mountains and the Appalachian Trail, he and his wife make one big hiking trip a year with friends and get in other smaller hikes when they have the time.

Life is full but life is also blessed and exciting. Jared is doing a job he loves that utilizes his vast skillset to make a positive impact on the community around him. He loves his family and the life he has created at home and looks forward to raising his children to grow into their own “highest and best use.”