Moving Truck in Jacksonville Careens Across Traffic and Kills Driver, Critically Injuring Passenger

A recent accident involving a Ryder moving truck in Jacksonville, Florida recently claimed the life of a passenger in the truck and critically injured the driver but miraculously avoided injuries to any nearby motorists. According to a Florida Highway Patrol investigation of the accident, the truck was traveling on Interstate 95 when the driver lost control. The moving truck veered off the road, then back onto the highway and across all lanes of traffic before it struck a guardrail and concrete pillar supporting a highway overpass and burst into flames. A passenger in the Ryder truck was pronounced dead at the scene and the driver was airlifted to a local hospital in life-threatening condition. Miraculously, no other motorists were injured in the wreck, which could easily have been fatal for nearby motorists given the sheer size and speed at which the moving truck was traveling when it careened across I-95. The accident serves as a sobering reminder of the havoc that can be wreaked when the driver of a large commercial vehicle like a moving truck loses control in traffic on Florida’s highways.

The Dangers Posed by Commercial Trucks on Florida’s Interstates and Highways

Large trucks are a common sight on Florida’s highways and interstates, from Pensacola to Key West. Whether large box trucks like a Ryder moving truck in or an 80,000-pound tractor-trailer carrying a load of goods, commercial trucks are incredibly dangerous when these large, heavy vehicles are involved in an accident. In the Jacksonville accident, somehow only the truck driver and a passenger were injured or killed. Nevertheless, nearby motorists could easily have been injured or killed when the truck veered off the road and then shot across all lanes of I-95 before hitting a concrete pillar and catching fire.

When a commercial vehicle like a moving truck collides with a passenger automobile, the chances of surviving the accident unharmed are slim for the car’s occupants. A collision with a moving truck or other commercial truck can cause devastating damage to a motor vehicle, its driver and passengers. Due to the potential dangers involved in operating such a vehicle, truck drivers and trucking companies must maintain significant insurance coverage under both state and federal law. Therefore, if an accident occurs involving a large commercial vehicle like a box truck or tractor-trailer, the trucking company which owned or employed the driver and/or the truck can often be held legally liable for any injuries to surrounding motorists.

Contact the Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys at Schwed Adams if You Have Been Involving in a Collision with a Commercial Truck in Florida

The dangers of large commercial vehicles like moving trucks and semis on Florida’s highways cannot be understated. These vehicles can be deadly if they are involved in a collision. Lawsuits involving trucking accidents can often be long complicated battles with the trucking company and its insurer. The truck accident attorneys of Schwed, Adams, Sobel & McGinley have the experience, tenacity and resources to take on even the most sophisticated and aggressive trucking company or insurer. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident involving a commercial truck in Florida, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Schwed Adams today for a free consultation at contact@schwedlawfirm.com or 877.694.6079.

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