Dear Schwed Law Office.

After speaking with Alexandra Montoya at Schwed Law, I felt she gave me hope. The minute I gave her my accident report, I was confident I was going to be taken care of. My personal injury left me in a lot of pain. I was frustrated and exhausted. I had horrible headaches, neck and shoulder spasms and many restless nights. This impeded special outings and meetings with family and friends. I knew the bills were going to be taken care of. So I just focused on getting treated for my injury and feeling better. Ms. Montoya was absolutely wonderful! I never once had to call to follow up on anything.

I was so impressed with how fast my case was settled. I am so grateful for how I was treated and cared for. I highly recommend the offices of Schwed Law. Their professionalism and expertise were enough to put me at ease with all my questions and concerns from the beginning.


Maria Baez