Tesla Driver Files Lawsuit in Accident Involving Computer System Malfunction

A Tesla owner from Plant City near Tampa recently filed suit in New York against a Tesla dealership in connection with an accident involving her Tesla’s computer systems malfunctioning. According to a report, regarding her lawsuit, she was involved in an accident in March 2022 in which her Tesla’s computer froze up and she was then unable to control her car, which crashed into a concrete wall. This accident is a simple reminder that, no matter how much technology can improve vehicle safety or allow motorists to leave driving in the hands of their vehicle and its various computer systems, one error or malfunction in those computer systems is all it takes to put lives at risk. Whether it is autonomous driving software that fails or a computer that malfunctions and removes a driver’s ability to stop a car or even to accelerate or use the brakes, simply because cars are becoming more technologically advanced does not mean they have become safer. If anything, the more reliant on technology they become, the greater the chances of serious injuries or even death when a computer malfunction like this takes place in a vehicle.

Technology Does Not Remove the Danger from Driving

As this incident highlights, there are limits to how much safer the self-driving or smart technology that is being developed by car manufacturers can truly make the roads. Numerous accidents have taken place while Tesla’s self-driving, or Autopilot, feature was engaged both in Florida and across the nation. The same is true with the computers that now control both Teslas as well as most other new car models; if those computers fail for some reason, the ramifications can be deadly. For example, a California man claimed in April that his Tesla’s computer screen froze as he was driving 83 miles per hour on a freeway, disabling the accelerator and various buttons and switches. The brakes still worked and he was able to get the car off the road, but not without a scare. Similarly, Tesla recalled 130,000 cars in May because of the risk that their touchscreen displays could overheat and malfunction. What these reflect is an increasing dependence on technology that can and does regularly malfunction, putting both the motorist driving, the malfunctioning car as well as surrounding motorists at risk.

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