Miami Police Chase Gone Wrong Claims Lives of Teenagers

Recently, a Miami police chase ended in tragedy, claiming the lives of two teenagers, both underage to drive in Florida. According to a report, the situation unfolded when a 15-year-old, accompanied by a 14-year-old passenger, took his mother’s Audi without permission. When the police attempted to intervene for speeding, the driver panicked and fled. This resulted in a police chase ending with the Audi hitting a concrete barrier and killing both teenagers. Police are investigating the circumstances around the incident and whether the driver even had a permit.

Accidents with Unclear Liability Issues

Imagine the horrific call to the family of either the driver or passenger killed in the ill-fated Miami police chase. Amidst the grief, questions arise about responsibility for the deaths. In such cases, the deceased driver might be deemed at fault for taking the car without permission and involving the deceased passenger. The mother could potentially be held liable for enabling easy access to her car. Additionally, an experienced personal injury attorney may suggest pursuing the police department for an overly aggressive chase that led to the teenagers’ deaths. This risky and complex claim would question police conduct. Under Florida Law, it would also involve the monetary caps of $200,000 when suing a state governmental agency. This case is anything but a normal motor vehicle accident making a difficult case for whomever you choose to represent you.

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