Rollover Accidents are the Most Deadly Type Accidents

While many people may not know it, rollover accidents account for a low proportion of the actual collisions that occur on the roads of the Sunshine State every year, but they also result in an abnormally high number of fatalities given some of the unique characteristics of these types of accidents. First, a much larger number of rollover accidents tend to be single car accidents than other types of motor vehicle accidents and rollover accidents also tend to have much higher fatality rates than other types of motor vehicle accidents according to statistics from the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA). They also tend to involve different vehicles and to occur at different places than some other types of motor vehicle accidents. However, what is the same about every type of motor vehicle accident in Florida is that you have the same right to seek compensation from someone else whose negligence may have caused you injuries, whether that was a rollover accident or a rear-end collision.

Single Car Rollover Accidents

Single car rollover accidents often may not even involve another vehicle; instead, rollover crashes often occur on the highway on and off-ramps where a driver may be exiting or entering a highway at too high of a speed for the driver to safely manage the ramp without going onto the shoulder and then losing control of the vehicle, causing it to rollover.

Sport utility vehicles and trucks are the types of vehicles most often involved in single car rollover accidents given some of their unique features as compared with cars. These types of vehicles are taller and narrower and thus have a higher center of gravity than a car, so they are more likely to roll when involved in an accident. Rollover accidents involving these vehicles are also more likely to be fatal than those involving cars. The statistics bear this out as well; whereas NHTSA data from 2020 found that someone died in 18.2% of the rollover accidents involving cars in Florida, someone died in 46.1% of rollover accidents involving pickup trucks and 35.8% of rollover accidents involving SUV’s.

Damages Available in a Florida Rollover Motor Vehicle Accident

If you are involved in a Florida rollover accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you would be permitted to seek compensation for all the injuries and damages you suffer, no matter whether there was one car involved, two cars involved, and no matter the type of vehicle you were in. If you were a passenger in a friend’s pickup truck and your friend took a freeway off-ramp too quickly and rolled, you have every right to file a claim with your friend’s insurer the same as you would if another car hit your SUV and caused it to rollover. Negligence is negligence, regardless of whether it occurs on the part of another driver that hits your vehicle or by the person behind the wheel of a vehicle in which you are a passenger.

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