Good Samaritan Motorcyclists Killed in Drunk Driving Accident

A recent Saturday night in Miami was marred by tragedy when a group of motorcyclists who had pulled over to the side of the road to assist a fellow motorcyclist who had crashed earlier, shortly after 1:00 a.m. early Sunday morning, were struck and killed.  According to a report from Miami’s NBC News 6 regarding the accident, the motorcyclists were on the shoulder of the road aiding the motorcyclist when a drunk driver in a van plowed into the entire group.  Two people were killed at the scene and 11 people were injured, with seven being transported to the hospital – six of them to Ryder Trauma Center, where two more later died from their injuries. This incident is simply a reminder of the dangers of drunk drivers in Florida, which has a high incidence of fatalities due to drunk driving.  It also serves as a reminder of the high price to pay for those who decide to drink and then get behind the wheel, as such persons often end up being charged criminally as well as also facing civil lawsuits over their negligent actions behind the wheel.

Drunk Driving in Florida: A Scourge on the Area’s Roads, Particularly in South Florida 

According to an article from local news website Patch, the three counties in Florida with the highest rates of drunk-driving incidents in 2017 were Miami-Dade, Broward, and Orange Counties.  There were 2,892 traffic fatalities in Florida in 2017, with the number of injuries suffered at 246,285.  Miami-Dade County had the largest number of accidents at 63,157, with Broward County the second highest at 40,324.  Statistics from the federal National Highway Safety Transportation Administration showed that, in 2016, 26 percent of the motor vehicle fatalities in Florida involved a drunk driver.  This is an alarmingly high number and a reason to be even more cautious if you are out on the roads at times when drunk drivers are more likely to be present, such as on Friday or Saturday evenings.

A High Price to Pay for a Night Out on the Town

In addition to civil liability from the estates and survivors of the four deceased individuals and the seven injured in the I-95 accident, the drunk driver who was driving the van that plowed into the group of Good Samaritan motorcyclists also is reportedly already facing criminal charges in connection with the accident.  He has been charged with four counts of DUI homicide, three counts of DUI with serious bodily injury, and two counts of DUI with property damage.  These charges carry with them the possibility of decades of prison time in addition to the civil lawsuits he is likely to face as a result of his actions from the families and loved ones of those who were injured and/or killed as a result of the driver’s actions.

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The recent tragedy on I-95 had a horrific ending because a driver decided to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink and persons riding on motorcycles who stopped to help someone in trouble paid the price for the driver’s poor decision-making.  Motor vehicle accidents involving drunk drivers can often result in death or terrible injuries.  Therefore, if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident involving a drunk driver in Florida, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys of Schwed, Adams & McGinley, P.A.  Our experienced personal injury attorneys have more than 150 years of combined practice representing victims of all sorts of motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycle accidents.  Therefore, if you, a family member, or a loved one have been injured in a motor vehicle or motorcycle accident because of another motorist’s actions, particularly in an incident like the recent incident on I-95 involving a drunk driver, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Schwed, Adams & McGinley, P.A today at 877-694-6079 or contact@schwedlawfirm.com for a free consultation.