Motocross Track Collision Tragically Claims Life of Eleven-Year-Old

An eleven-year-old was killed in a collision at a motocross track in Dade City outside of Tampa earlier this week. According to a report regarding the accident from the Miami Herald, the child was riding on his motorbike, went over a jump, lost control of the bike, crashed and then fell off the bike. When the child eventually got up and picked up his bike after his fall, another rider came over the same jump and hit the boy. Medics on the scene immediately began to render assistance to the injured child but, after they realized how severe his injuries were, they called Pasco County Fire Rescue and the injured child ultimately was airlifted to a Tampa hospital. He ultimately died of his injuries later that day.

Motocross and the Dangers It Can Pose

Participating in motocross racing, or riding in or driving a dirt bike or an all-terrain vehicle can be a tremendous adrenaline rush but can also be extremely dangerous. If done safely and properly, driving these types of vehicles can be great fun. Unfortunately, many people engage in reckless behavior they would not ordinarily engage in by driving at breakneck speeds or taking sharp turns without braking.  This can lead to issues for other drivers in the vicinity, which is exactly what occurred in this recent tragic instance.

The dangers associated with these types of vehicles/activities is increased because of the fact that many teenagers and younger children who do not possess a driver’s license may drive them as well.

The Tragic Consequences of Motocross or ATV Accidents

Dirt bikes, all-terrain, and similar vehicles are built to be driven on rugged terrain-thus their names. However, the courses and roads they are driven on are often rugged and they are often driven at high speeds and in an aggressive manner. As a result, injuries suffered while riding these vehicles can be serious. Death is not uncommon if things take a particularly unfortunate turn, as seen in the recent Dade City incident.

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