Why Consult an Attorney after a Car Accident

If you have been involved in a car accident in Florida, you should hire an experienced attorney to help protect your interests and ensure you recover maximum compensation for any injuries and financial losses you may have suffered.  There are many, many attorneys out there and the attorney you choose to represent you will have a very significant impact upon the amount of money you eventually are able to recover as a result of your accident.  Choosing an experienced attorney who knows Florida’s insurance laws inside out and with years of experience successfully handling automobile accident claims will enable you to be more successful in any negotiations with an insurer or successfully represent you at trial if the insurer refuses to fairly compensate you.   The attorneys at Schwed, Adams, Sobel & McGinley have over 150 years of combined experience representing victims of auto accidents.  We are not afraid to take a case to trial and will use every legal tool at our disposal to ensure you recover maximum compensation in connection with your auto accident claim.

Why You Need to Hire An Attorney

Insurance companies will tell you that you do not need an attorney. Why should all of the experience and knowledge of Florida law only be from one side of the table in negotiations?  You only get one chance to negotiate a settlement or obtain a jury verdict related to your auto accident.  Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that you choose an experienced auto accident attorney who will represent your interests effectively and will fight to get you every dollar in compensation that he or she is able to.

How to Select an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney

How do you actually go about selecting the attorney who is right for you?   Virtually every  law firm’s website will tell you they have experience handling auto accidents.  However, it also is important to look at the attorney’s other areas of practice.  You should be cautious about any attorney who claims they can represent you in an accident, a divorce, criminal defense, or any type of legal proceeding.  This is a sign that attorney is a general practitioner, and not someone who practices primarily in the area of auto accidents. Hiring this attorney to handle the claims related to your personal injuries from a car accident would be like asking your primary care physician to perform a complicated operation on or your spine; it would simply be a mistake.

Other than researching  attorneys’  websites, there are other resources to help you  determine what clients thought of the service provided by an attorney.  Some of the best resources for checking out attorney reviews are avvo.com as well as the Better Business Bureau.  Also, it is worth checking whether the particular attorney or firm has any social media profile(s), as those may give you additional insight about how former clients felt about the attorney.  These will give you some unvarnished, non-self selected views of the various attorneys you are considering.

Experience Matters

When choosing a Florida attorney to represent you in connection with injuries suffered in an accident, you should make sure that the attorney you choose to represent you is experienced handling a claim from start all the way through trial.  An attorney with decades of experience handling auto accident claims will be able to successfully represent you in a way that a rookie lawyers or someone who does not dedicate their practice to representing victims of  accidents would be able to do.  For instance, an inexperienced attorney unfamiliar with Florida’s insurance laws may encourage you to settle a claim for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars less than the true value of your claim.

The attorneys of Schwed, Adams, Sobel, McGinely P.A. have over 160 years of combined experience in representing clients who have been injured in auto accidents and have taken over hundreds of cases to trial.  You can feel confident  choosing Schwed, Adams, Sobel, McGinley to represent you in connection with your Florida auto accident because we are aggressive attorneys who only handle cases for those injured in accidents.  We have an in depth knowledge of Florida insurance and accident law and will be able to assist you in maximizing your recovery for any injuries and financial losses you may have suffered as a result of your auto accident.  If you have been in an automobile accident in Florida, contact  Schwed, Adams, Sobel, McGinley at 877-694-6079 or Contact@SchwedLawFirm.com.

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