The Holidays: One of the Most Dangerous Times of Year for Driving in Florida

Although accidents happen throughout the year on Florida’s roadways, the holiday months are a particularly dangerous time for motorists, as many snowbirds and tourists are in town during this part of the year to enjoy the balmier weather in Florida.   In addition, more drivers are likely to drink and drive, due to an increase in office parties and family gatherings. This is a time of the year to be particularly careful if you are on the road in Florida.

The Holidays in Florida Can Be a Particularly Hazardous Time to Be on the Road According to Official Statistics

Although there were over 370,000 traffic accidents (159,390 which involved injuries) in Florida in 2015 according to statistics from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, November and December can be among the most dangerous months for Florida motorists. In 2015, December was the month with the most traffic accidents with 34,402, and November was among the highest months with 32,418 traffic accidents. The same was true in 2014, with 344,555 total annual accidents on Florida’s roadways (149,536 which involved injuries). The month with the highest number of accidents in 2014 was again December, with 31,197 accidents, while November was again among the highest months with 29,232 accidents.

The Factors That Cause The Increase in Accidents on Florida’s Roadways During the Holidays

Among the many factors that could lead to this increase in accidents during the winter months in Florida are the increase in population from “snowbirds” who come down to Florida either for vacation or to visit family for the holidays as well as a combination of holiday parties and the alcohol that people often consume. Any resident of Florida knows that the population swells during the winter months as many people come from the Northeast and Midwest and other parts of the country that are buried in snow to enjoy the nicer weather and sunshine in Florida. In addition, and particularly in the month of December, many businesses have holiday parties where food and drink is provided then drive home. Finally, many college students are home for their break between semesters, which can lead to an increase in the number of drivers on the road and potentially an increase of drives with alcohol in their system.

Ensuring Your Safety on Florida’s Roads during the Holidays

In order to ensure your safety during the holidays in Florida, it is particularly important that you practice defensive driving. First, never get behind the wheel if you have had anything to drink. Second, be very careful if you are out on the roads late at night on Friday or Saturday nights or other times during which people may be coming home from parties. If you do see a driver who is exhibiting classic signs of impairment (i.e. weaving from one side of the lane to the other), then either stay clear of the driver or pass the driver safely if the opportunity presents itself.

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