Trucking Accident and Fire on I-595 Halted Traffic For Eight Hours

Recently, a truck crashed and burst into flames on westbound I-595 in Davie, Broward County. The truck accident brought westbound traffic to a standstill for over eight hours while first responders cleared the scene. According to a local NBC news affiliate’s report, the truck, carrying cooking oil, experienced a tire failure, which led to the driver losing control and crashing into a median before it burst into flames. The driver sustained significant burns and was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma burn unit. Thankfully, no other injuries resulted from this trucking accident.

Trucking Accidents in Florida

Fortunately this particular trucking accident didn’t involve any other vehicles. Florida’s roads are a daily witness to thousands of trucks carrying hazardous cargo. This cargo ranges from cooking oil to gasoline to various other dangerous materials. Additionally, the truck drivers may not be paying close attention or may lose control of their vehicle. A trucking accident can lead to catastrophic consequences due to the nature of the cargo they transport. Exercise extreme caution to avoid a truck accident anytime you encounter any tanker truck on the road.

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