Accident Dash Cam Footage Shows Tractor Trailer Menace

More news recently came out regarding the tragic accident from January 2019 on Interstate 75 near Gainesville that made the national news in which five Louisiana teenagers on their way to Walt Disney World in Orlando and two others were killed when a tractor trailer pulled out directly in front of the van in which the teenagers were riding.  The newly released evidence consists of dash cam video from the tractor trailer that caused the chain reaction crash.  The footage is simply chilling and shows the dangers of tractor trailers and, in particular, how they can be a menace on Florida’s many highways and how their drivers need to exercise the utmost care when behind the wheel.

The Recently Released Dash Cam Video from the Tractor Trailer

As a part of an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) into the accident, the NTSB obtained dash cam footage from the tractor trailer that hit the van in which the children from Louisiana were riding.  According to a report from CBS News, the video footage shows the truck pulling out while the van is headed towards the truck.  The NTSB has yet to release any formal findings as to what it believes the cause of the accident was, although the families of the victims have already filed suit against the company which owned the tractor trailer involved in the accident, contending that the tractor trailer driver caused the accident.

Crash Victim Riding in Church Van at the Time Speaks Out for the First Time

In addition to the recently released dash cam video from the tractor trailer, one of the accident victims who was inside the church van in which the five deceased teenagers were riding also spoke out publicly for the very first time about her experience being in the accident.  Ali Laborde, who was 31 weeks pregnant at the time of the accident, was a chaperone on the trip and she blacked out to find herself amid debris, with the burning tractor trailer nearby, blood everywhere and bodies surrounding her.  Laborde lost a daughter and a niece in the crash, while one of her other daughters was among the injured.  She learned of her daughter’s death while she was in the hospital receiving treatment for her own injuries from the accident.  If anything good came of the tragedy, it is that her baby was not hurt and was born a healthy girl weeks after the accident.

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