Victory for Paul Shalhoub

Congratulations to one of our very own for obtaining a great verdict in Alachua County, Florida, a victory for Paul Shalhoub and for his client.

Paul’s client was rear ended causing neck and back injuries. Although our client’s MRIs had very minimal findings she complained of pain and treated with a chiropractor and later received injections. She incurred $60,000 in total past medical bills. State Farm insured the person who crashed in to Paul’s client. State Farm refused to make an offer above $12,000.

State Farm had two attorneys from a large firm, Rissman, Barrett, Hurt, try the case against Paul. The State Farm attorneys brought two of their experts in to try to persuade the jury Paul’s client was not hurt – but it didn’t work! Paul cross examined the experts and persuasively presented all of the evidence for the jury to make their decision.

The jury returned a verdict awarding all of the client’s past medical bills, $35,000 in past pain and suffering and $150,000 for future damages for a total verdict of $245,000! The verdict was more than 20 times what State Farm offered before trial. Paul will now be asking the Court to award attorney fees and costs.

Another great trial result and victory for Paul Shalhoub and the entire Schwed trial team!