Report Shows Miami Has Among the Worst Traffic in the World

According to a report from the Capitolist regarding the annual INRIX 2022 Global Traffic Scorecard, Miami now rates as one of the most traffic-clogged cities in the world. Even despite the pandemic, the amount of time the average Miami motorist must spend stuck in traffic every year increased by 30% from 2021 to 2022. This was true even despite the nosedive in the amount of traffic that the pandemic and the resulting exodus to work from home in March 2020 caused for several years. While some of the country’s most traffic-clogged cities like Boston and Los Angeles still have not seen their overall traffic levels rebound to pre-pandemic levels, Miami’s traffic levels are up 30% from before the pandemic. While this means that Miami drivers are spending more and more time in the car stuck in traffic, it also means that there likely are more accidents occurring because of the increased traffic congestion and, in particular, some of the impulsive, not bright moves that frustrated drivers make to try to avoid traffic jams.

Miami’s Traffic Congestion Only Gets Worse, even Despite Covid

In a finding that will surprise no one, Miami was rated in 9th place worldwide and 5th place in the United States for worst overall traffic, with the average Miami driver spending 105 hours spent stuck in traffic in 2022, a 59% increase from 2021. The city jumped 23 spots in the scoreboard from 32nd place in 2021. The city also saw a 21 percent decrease in downtown speed, which now crawls along at just 15 mph.

Traffic Snarls Breed More Accidents

What do all these numbers mean? Another consequence of the increased traffic is a greater risk of accidents. Anyone who has ever been stuck in a South Florida traffic jam knows that frustrated drivers often will lose patience and take matters into their own hands and make the type of impulsive decision like illegally changing lanes or trying to speed up to cut someone else off, that cause accidents. Whether it’s the frustrated driver in the regular lanes on I-95 who tries to avoid a traffic jam caused by an accident by running over the lane polls separating the express lanes from the rest of the lanes on I-95 or someone who speeds up to change lanes and rear-ends another driver, motorists often make decisions when stuck in traffic that cause accidents in which others are injured.

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