Another Florida Pedestrian Accident Highlights Road Danger

A pedestrian accident at an intersection in Palm Beach Gardens has highlighted the need for municipal authorities in Palm Beach County and in other communities throughout Florida to take steps ensuring pedestrian safety on Florida’s roadways.  Intersections throughout the Sunshine State often may have broken or malfunctioning walk signals or may be closed or under construction, but authorities often delay in dealing with such issues until they cannot ignore the problem any longer because someone has been injured or killed.  A woman was recently critically injured by a tractor trailer as a result of a malfunctioning traffic light at a busy Palm Beach Gardens intersection with not only malfunctioning pedestrian signals but also ongoing construction and closed portions of the sidewalk.  Given that Florida already ranks as the most dangerous state in the country for pedestrians, this state of affairs simply cannot continue.  By not performing repairs upon malfunctioning or hazardous crosswalks, municipal authorities are simply putting area pedestrians in additional danger.

The Palm Beach Gardens Pedestrian Tragedy

In just the latest incident involved injuries to a pedestrian at this treacherous intersection, a woman in Palm Beach Gardens was hit by a tractor trailer while attempting to cross the street at an intersection that is known for being dangerous for pedestrians.  According to a report from WPTV on the accident, a 24-year-old woman was crossing east across Military Trail at Northlake Boulevard when she was struck by a semi-truck.  She suffered critical injuries and had to be rushed to St. Mary’s Medical Center for treatment.  Shortly after the accident, WPTV received an anonymous tip that the pedestrian walk signals were not functioning at the intersection.  A WPTV reporter visited the scene in person and discovered a whole host of issues at the intersection, from construction to closed sidewalks to crosswalk signals that did not even work properly. Another portion of the intersection was even closed off to pedestrians, leaving pedestrians with no way to safely cross the intersection.  Despite a reporter pushing the button to trigger a walk signal several times, the signal would not change for multiple cycles of the traffic lights.  This could lead frustrated or impatient pedestrians to simply shrug their shoulders and walk across the intersection without the light.

Florida: The Most Deadly State for Pedestrians in the Country

Florida consistently ranks as the most dangerous state in the country for pedestrians due to the state’s inability to protect people who are simply trying to cross the street.  This has been attributed to a series of factors, including the fact that Florida’s roads were developed with motorists, not pedestrians, in mind with the lack of any sidewalks on many Florida roads and their high speed limits.  The fact that many Florida intersections also may have either non-functioning pedestrian signals or sidewalks that may be closed simply increases the already hazardous plight of Florida pedestrians.

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