Florida Mail Carriers and Delivery Persons Beware of Dog Bites

Dog bites are a serious problem in Florida. However, the problem is not just confined to children or strangers. In the latest reflection of this, data regarding the number of mail carriers who suffered injuries due to dog bites in 2021 showed Florida in the top 10 states. This data just highlights how important it is for Florida dog owners to take reasonable precautions to ensure their pets are properly restrained, lest they face a lawsuit if a mail carrier or delivery person is bitten and suffers an injury as a result.

The Statistics for Mail Carrier Dog Bites in Florida

201 mail carriers were bitten by dogs in Florida in 2021 according to USPS data. This placed the Sunshine State eighth nationally among all 50 states in the number of mail carriers that were the victim of dog bites in that year, with California and Texas leading the way. Among major metropolitan areas, the Miami metro area ranked 22nd nationally for the number of mail carriers that were bitten, with 18 dog bites. All told, more than 5,400 mail carriers nationally were bitten by dogs in 2021. The rankings were compiled by USPS as a part of its annual National Dog Bite Awareness Week public service campaign.

A Florida Dog owner’s Duty of Care

A homeowner who has a dog has a duty of care under Florida law to take reasonable precautions to ensure that the dog will not bite those who come onto the dog owner’s property lawfully. This applies to mail carriers just as much as it applies to friends who come over and happen to bring their children with them or anyone walking by. Therefore, if the homeowner knows his or her dog is a danger to others, then the homeowner is required to take appropriate steps to ensure the dog is restrained, either in the house or in a backyard or even in a crate. Given that many homes have mailboxes that are on the front porch, this may require a homeowner being particularly careful to avoid an injury to a mail carrier or a delivery person. Failure to do so can expose the dog owner to a lawsuit for all the medical expenses and other damages suffered by the person bitten by the dog owner’s pet.

Can Mail Carriers or Delivery Persons Sue for Personal Injuries from Dog Bites?

Absolutely! A mail carrier or delivery person who is bitten by a dog can bring a lawsuit against the dog owner based on being bitten by that dog the same as any other person who is bitten by a dog can. There is no special law that says just because someone chooses to work in a job that may involve more contact with dogs than the average job would someone not be allowed to pursue compensation for someone else’s failure to control their dog.

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