Construction Accidents in Florida

Construction accidents are unfortunately not uncommon in Florida. These accidents can involve a bystander walking by a construction site that is hit and injured by falling debris to a construction worker who may be seriously injured or even killed on the job. This is scenario that is sadly more common than most people realize. For example, scaffolding on a luxury condo building in the Brickell neighborhood of Miami collapsed in late October 2016, causing at least one death and injuries to multiple other people. According to report from the local NBC affiliate, one person died from a heart attack while running away from the scene of the collapse, while five people were injured by the falling debris, including a construction worker who suffered injuries despite wearing a safety helmet. The injured also included a woman who was trapped in the driver’s seat of her car and was pulled out the passenger door of her vehicle by several bystanders.

Construction Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

As evidenced by the example of the recent scaffolding collapse in the Brickell area of Miami, construction accidents can be serious affairs involving injury or even death. Many times the victim of a construction accident is required to seek medical attention for serious injuries. This is almost inevitable in many types of construction accidents, particularly those involving falling debris. Recovering from a construction accident can be a lengthy, expensive and time consuming process, including physical therapy, extensive rehabilitation and often surgery required to successfully rehabilitate an accident victim. Often, physicians and therapists from many different types of specialties are involved in a construction accident victim’s recovery process, which can be very expensive and result in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in medical bills and future medical care.

The Responsible Party in the Event of a Construction Accident

One of the issues related to construction accidents that often confuse victims is who is responsible for their injuries. In many cases, there is a general contractor who is responsible for the overall project. However, a general contractor will often bid out various portions of a construction project to various subcontractors. If the work performed by a subcontractor is the cause of an accident, then typically that subcontractor will be liable for any injuries suffered by an accident victim. In addition, the general contractor may also be legally liable in the event of an injury to a construction worker or third party bystander. Finally, and of particular importance for homeowners who may have hired a contractor to have some work performed on their home, a homeowner should always make sure that the contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. Otherwise, the homeowners may find themselves liable in the event of a construction accident involving a construction project on their home or residential property.

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