Teenager Killed, Two in Critical Condition in Accident between ATV and Car in Miami-Dade County

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A recent news report from the Miami Herald reinforced the dangers inherent in using all terrain vehicles (ATVs) when a crash between a car and an ATV sent two people to the hospital and killed a teenager two days before Christmas in Homestead in the southwestern part of Miami-Dade County. The accident occurred right near dusk and the two surviving victims were taken to Jackson South Medical Center in Miami in critical condition. Although Miami-Dade Fire Rescue was originally unsure who was riding in which vehicle, a subsequent story from NBC News’s Miami affiliate provided further details regarding the accident. According to the local NBC News story, a teenager was driving his ATV on a dirt road in Homestead when he switched over to a paved road and then was hit by a truck near the intersection of 198th Street and 197th Avenue in Homestead. The driver of the pickup truck as well as a teenager passenger were both airlifted to Jackson South after the accident, where both are still recovering from their injuries. Details regarding which party was at fault in the accident have not yet been released.

ATV’s and the Dangers They Can Pose

Riding in or driving an all terrain vehicle can be a tremendous adrenaline rush but can also be extremely dangerous. If done safely and properly, driving or riding as a passenger in an ATV can be great fun. Unfortunately, many people like to get out and “let loose” behind the wheel of an ATV and may engage in reckless behavior they would not ordinarily engage in with a normal car by like driving at breakneck speeds or taking sharp turns without braking. This can lead to issues for other drivers in the vicinity or even passengers in the reckless driver’s ATV, who can be thrown from the vehicle and suffer serious injuries or even death as a result of one person taking things too far. The dangers associated with ATVs have increased as a result of the fact that many teenagers and younger children who do not possess a driver’s license may drive them as well. Although police have yet to determine whether this was the case in the accident discussed above, there is a very real possibility that the ATV involved in this accident may have been driven at a high rate of speed, particularly given that the accident occurred close to where a paved road and a dirt road meet.

The Tragic Consequences of ATV Accidents

All terrain vehicles are built to be driven on rugged terrain-thus their name. However, because the courses and roads upon which they are driven are often so rugged and because they are often driven at high speeds and in an aggressive manner, injuries suffered in the course of riding an all terrain vehicle can be serious. Broken bones that require hospitalizations or even surgeries are not uncommon occurrences for those who regularly use ATV’s. This can lead to costly medical bills. In addition, if an ATV is driven in the vicinity of motor vehicles, accidents can often be fatal for ATV drivers and passengers, as many ATV riders do not wear helmets or other protective gear. This, coupled with the fact that many ATV’s lack even the most rudimentary safety features like seat belts, can make the incidence of death or serious injury extremely high when an ATV is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, as was the case in the article mentioned above. ATV drivers and passengers are likely to be thrown from the vehicle and suffer serious injuries from going airborne, because they are not riding in an enclosed space like a car.

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