No Shave November – Headliners Raising Money for Cancer Alliance of Help & Hope

From the desk of Paul Shalhoub:

For those that don’t know, I am the Chair of the Annual YLS of the Palm Beach County Bar Association No Shave November Event. I am also a Headliner this year. I started this event with the YLS over 7 years ago to bring a better purpose to those who sought to grow their beards during November.

This is our 7th Annual Event and the concept behind the month-long event is simple – myself along with other Headliners agreed to not shave our beards for the month of November to raise money for a local non-profit Cancer Alliance of Help & Hope. As a THANK YOU to all who supported the Headliners and the Event there is a Live Shave Off on November 30th @ 5:30PM at Palm Beach Gardens Marriott where the barbers from the Barber’s Edge will shave the Headliners’ beards on stage in front of all their friends, family and colleagues!

All funds raised stay local to Palm Beach County and go into a special account which are then used to help the men in our community who are battling cancer and going through treatment. Specifically, the funds are used to help them maintain a semblance of a normal life as they go through their respective treatments – helps keep food in the fridge, lights on, roof over their heads, transportation to and from treatment appointments, etc.

My personal fundraising goal is $5,000 and with your help, I will surpass it! The minimum donation is $30 ($1/day for each day I don’t shave/trim my beard) – BUT – why do the minimum when you can do more?! Please be sure to select my name in the drop-down box on the donation page =)

I am asking that each of you donate whatever you can…$30, $50, $100, $200…! If all of you are able to be so generous to make such a donation we could raise thousands in a matter of minutes!

Your donation will only take 2 minutes and will have a lasting impact on those who need it the most!

As a bonus, if you donate $100 and live in South Florida youll receive a Free Slab of Baby Back Ribs From SmokinGator BBQ for the Super Bowl in February 2023! (pickup no deliveries)

Click to DONATE NOW:  https://donorbox.org/palmbeach

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support and I look forward to seeing you all at the Live Shave Off Event on November 30th! Here is an article from the Palm Beach Daily News: No Shave November campaign spotlights men’s cancer issues (palmbeachpost.com)