Blake Swan: Evolving with the Times

Blake Swan always knew he wanted to become an attorney but he didn’t see himself as a Personal Injury Attorney at first. As a kid, Blake enjoyed the art of arguing and making his point. Growing up, he learned from watching the news and hearing the arguments between different political sides. From that time, he saw himself becoming a Government Attorney. When he graduated from Catholic Law School in D.C. in 2009, Swan found that the job market was tough during the recession. Government jobs were scarce but luckily an opportunity opened at Schwed Law so he took the chance and was hired on the spot.

Swan has evolved and grown with the firm. After becoming a member of the Florida Bar in 2010, Blake focused almost exclusively on litigation work. He was so successful that when the firm decided to open a Tennessee office in 2012, Swan was asked to head up the operation. Blake passed the Tennessee Bar in 2012 and the Arkansas Bar in 2013. Blake Swan was one of the first attorneys in Tennessee for the firm and is now in charge of the Pre-Litigation Department for Schwed, Adams, Sobel & McGinley in Tennessee. Using his past knowledge and expertise of litigation, Blake now focuses on settling clients’ claims quickly and for the best possible amount for clients, often avoiding ever having to file a lawsuit.

Having learned how to evolve and adapt by understanding the laws in multiple states, has been a plus for Blake. He feels that eventually Personal Injury will evolve into Product Liability cases as cars become smarter and start driving themselves. He wants to be on the forefront of the change and be ready to adapt and grow with the times. As an attorney, this is a huge asset. Laws continue to change and attorneys must adjust.

Married and expecting his first child, a girl, Blake enjoys taking advantage of the great outdoors. He stays in shape by working out most days, playing golf on occasion and enjoying his favorite pastime, boating. His ultimate goal is to own a sailboat since he grew up on the shoreline in Connecticut in a family of boaters. Being able to evolve and adapt as the times change has allowed him to create a life he loves.