Jack Sobel: How He Finds Balance as a Top Trial Lawyer

Despite a busy law practice pursuing justice for those who have been injured through no fault of their own, Jack Sobel believes in finding balance through giving back to his community and pursuing his passions of writing and photography. Jack is an experienced personal injury litigator and partner at Schwed, Adams, Sobel & McGinley, having been recognized as one of the Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Lawyers in South Florida by the National Trial Lawyers group. However, despite Jack’s great success in the courtroom, his true passions of giving back to the community, creative writing and photography help him to find the balance between a busy law practice and his life outside the courtroom

Giving Back to the Community

Jack and his family have a long history of giving back in Martin County, where Jack worked for many years and is a past president of the Martin County Bar Association.   Jack established an annual golf tournament hosted by the Martin County Bar Association, the winner of which receives the Sobel Cup (named in honor of Jack’s father, Lou Sobel) to raise money for scholarships (MCBA Scholarship Fund) for Martin County high school students to attend college.

In addition to his role in organizing the annual Martin County Bar Association’s annual golf tournament, Jack Sobel and the firm of Schwed, Adams, Sobel & McGinley support the MCBA Scholarship Fund. Martin County High School Seniors must write an essay in order to be eligible to win. The winner receives a $4,000 college scholarship as well as two $500 scholarships to the first and second runners up. In 2016, there were 33 entrants in the essay contest. The students participating in the contest this past year were asked to address an issue based on one of Jack’s prior cases. In that case, Jack represented a widow who sued a gun shop that had sold the gun used to kill her husband to an unstable individual with several diagnosed mental health disorders. The essay asked students to consider whether a statute that states, “You shall not sell a gun to a minor or to any person of unsound mind” would withstand a challenge under the U.S. Constitution 2nd Amendment’s right to bear arms.

In addition to his participation in the MCBA scholarship efforts to assist Martin County high school students to defray the high costs associated with college, Jack also believes in giving back through participating in other local bar association activities. He served as President of the Martin County Bar Association in 2003 and also served as past Chairman of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit’s Grievance Committee as well as a board member of the American Board of Trial Advocates.

Jack’s Other Two Passions: Writing and Photography

Jack also finds time despite his busy law practice to pursue his two other passions: writing and photography. In 2010, Jack self-published his first novel, The Flower Man’s Daughter. Jack is currently working on his second novel. Jack enjoys photography and he can be found snapping pictures on his travels as well as simply while he is out and about on the weekend.

Jack Sobel: An Example of How Giving Back and Pursuing Outside Interest Can Enhance a Successful Legal Career

Jack Sobel is living proof that one can have a successful career pursuing justice for those who have been wronged and balance it by giving back to the community as well as pursuing his passions of photography and writing.